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TWLW uses Ivy Pay to collect payment for sessions. Ivy Pay is HIPAA-secure, PCI-protected payment service that allows you to pay your therapist/provider by saving a credit card , debit, HSA, FSA card on file. Once you've added your card to Ivy Pay charges can be quickly and easily processed. 

Ivy uses an advanced security system and data encryption to protect both the clients and therapist, as well as safeguard against unauthorized transactions. Information is encrypted, stored, and protected on secure servers. Industry standard SSL encryption is active on every page of the Ivy Pay system. This is the same encryption technology used by banks and brokerages to safeguard financial information. 

Once the session is over, we will send a text reminder to set up your account or it will inform you that your card will be charged. It is so easy that you will be able to add card information from just your phone number.

(Basically it is Venmo for Therapists!)

Initial Evaluation with the Therapist


EMDR Intensive (per hour)


Therapy sessions

45-55 minute session 


Family & Couple’s Counseling 


Initial Evaluation with Psychiatrist


Follow-up Medication Management


Super Billing & Protecting Consumers

Therapist Supervision for Licensure


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